Purpose with profit!

The Rainbow Care Group was founded by Megan and Natalie in 2014 because they knew that dementia care needed to be better. They set about challenging the norms and created a radically different dementia day care service that has had an immensely positive impact on the clients that they have supported so far. 

Their pioneering approach to dementia care is unique and refreshing and they have made it their mission to inspire and shape the way dementia care will be delivered in the future. 

Rainbow club members attend specially selected community venues for a day of meaningful and purposeful activities. The company promotes dignity in dementia and for the people attending it feels more like a day out than being ‘put into care’. This is achieved by getting to know the people we support and shaping their days around their interests. It gives people a day/or days to look forward to each week and just as importantly enables families to access care guilt free, as they are safe in the knowledge that their loved one is having a fun day out.



An amazing alternative to a traditional day care in nursing homes.

Groups are kept small so that days can be tailored and our excellent staff to client ratio allows for a diverse range of activities as well as outings and 1-1 support. Social stimulation can slow the progress of the disease so it is so important for people to stay active and engage in activities.

Attendance also results in a respite day for the family and/or carers who look after club members. A valued day that resets the hard work that goes into looking after someone with Dementia.

This is a business that has purpose and profit but most importantly of all a business that provides a life changing environment for everyone that is involved.

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"I have been in the franchise industry for 30 years and this is the best new franchise I think I have ever seen!"
Andy Cheetham
Franchise Consultant & Founder of Lime Licensing Group