100% Unsecured Government Funding Is Available. 

If you need access to external finance we can help you through our association with Lime Licensing Group and their contacts with the Government startup loans scheme. Funded through the British Business Bank this is an unsecured loan which can fund up to £25,000 per person involved in the business up to a maximum of £100,000. A key benefit of this type of funding is that it is unsecured which means your assets are always safe.

Alternatively, High street banks are traditional lenders of startup capital and will usually lend up to 70% of the total investment required. We have a business plan template you can amend to help with any applications. 

Otherwise you can fund the franchise through your own capital which is always the quickest route and possibly the cheapest too!

The cost of launching the franchise can be broken down into:

  1. The Franchise Fee of £15,000 +vat
  2. Inventory and equipment of £6,199 +vat
  3. Marketing launch costs of £6,000 +vat
  4. Total Investment therefore £27,199 + vat


The franchise includes a comprehensive training and mentoring package which begins as soon as you are ready to commence business. 

On an ongoing basis a royalty is payable of 7.5% and you will need to contribute 1% of your turnover to the central marketing fund which is coordinated at Head Office.