What’s the business potential?

Since this is a franchise you obviously want to know what the commercial potential is for a mature franchise. Profit isn’t our primary objective and it shouldn’t be yours but this is a very profitable business to be in. Each franchise territory is capable of significant scale in time. A mature franchise is likely to be just under £1 million turnover when fully booked which may take a few years to achieve but we have already done this and if you are able to work as diligently as we have and to the same standard then we can teach you how to do the same.


T/O per year when fully booked.

Our role is to teach you how to replicate what we have achieved so far. We have not rushed into franchising and it has taken us many years to establish the business and find out what works and what doesn’t. Along the way we have encountered many set backs, made many mistakes and learnt an awful lot of lessons! But all of these setbacks and lessons have been eliminated from the franchise, it’s a learning curve you won’t need to go through! We’ve done that for you!

Today we can show you how running 8 venues can generate just under £1million turnover per year with a net profit around £400,000. That profit can change peoples lives; yours, your customers and their families!

In order to run multiple venues you will need to be able to delegate and manage others. So this franchise can begin as an owner operated business or be a management style franchise from the outset by appointing a manager who can implement our development plan under your guidance.

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