Our role is to teach you how to prepare, launch and establish your franchise. Even though our business appears a relatively simple format there is a huge amount to learn. It will take a minimum of 14 days to train you and help you to launch the service in your area. During this time our commitment to you is absolute, we’ll work together in live situations and our digital marketing team will unleash their marketing aimed specifically at your area. We will provide everything you need to get underway and then support you and your team on an ongoing basis. 

You must be open to learning new ways of doing things, and to be receptive to being managed until you are able to work without regular input from us. Your success depends greatly on your ability and willingness to very closely implement what we teach you.

Everyone involved in your franchise will need to be motivated to deliver the style and standard of care we provide, it’s not an average care position, it’s far better than that and the people who work within your franchise need to be carefully selected by you. 

For your staff this is an attractive role because it is daytime hours and centred around fun and activity – totally different to your average care job!

With Rainbow Care Group you have a committed partner, a team who has been there and done that and who are changing the way Dementia care is delivered. By joining our team, you’ll be part of a strong change movement that is delivering exceptional Dementia care to a standard rarely seen. 

Find out when the next training course is by contacting Andy Cheetham on 07782 115993 or booking a 30 minute initial telephone call in Andy’s diary by clicking here.